Interior Plantscapes for Sonoma County California

Deeper Green Artistic Interiors is now offering its expert Interior Plantscapes Service in the beautiful wine-producing region of Sonoma County, California. Rejuvenate your store with the celebrated interior plantscaping designs by Deeper Green Artistic Interiors. Make your store more hospitable for the customers, enhance customer experience, and earn more profits by bringing life to your interior landscape.

Deeper Green Artistic Interiors is a one-stop interior plantscape service and custom art firm serving natural foods markets, grocery stores, gourmet food shops, and wineries. Our service is dedicated to bringing the benefits of nature to your store. Our interior plants and landscapes take inspiration from the awe-inspiring beauty – the mountains, the ocean, oak-covered hills, and the beautiful valleys kissed by the sun – of Sonoma County. The designs create the biophilia effect, making the environment irresistible for high retail activity. The customers are likely to visit more frequently, stay longer, appreciate products more, and feel ready to spend more in a Green Environment.

We offer our research-based free consultation, award-winning installation, pro plant care maintenance service, and much more throughout Sonoma County, California, including Petaluma and Santa Rosa.

We understand that the people of Sonoma County are naturally biophilic-that’s a modern word for nature loving! They feel it like their home – and live here – because of their love for the natural beauty. In fact, due to such marvels, a Wine Enthusiast magazine named Sonoma County, California, the Wine Region of the Year in 2019. If you are a businessperson, this is the opportunity for you and your business to present yourself as the food market or grocery store to shop for half a million people living in the county – where they feel like spending quality time shopping.


Stay on edge with our state of art interior plantscape designs and planting in California. Our designers work with your team and bring your aspirations to reality. Together we create a brand objective then Deeper Green Artistic Interiors will design and curate your living plant vision.


The DGAI team is professional, trained, and creative. We believe in the performance, quality, and power of green. We take our duties seriously, that is why in all the years we have been in business our clients show years of loyalty. Safety is also a primary concern. No job is too big or small for us.


Deeper Green Artistic Interiors has a lot to offer for you and your business with Interior Plantscapes in Sonoma County, California. Here are some of the benefits that you will get when we work with you:

  •  Noticeable increase in sale revenue after installation
  •  Guaranteed high customer traffic influx
  •  A personalized experience for the customers
  •  Team members are happier & better motivated
  •  Brand localizing made easy – plants localize everywhere
  •  Ensures customer loyalty
  •  Putting an end to customer dissatisfaction and confusion
  •  Making your store a community shopping magnet
  •  Friendly and happy customers and employees
  •  Decrease in carbon footprint
  •  Perception in the eyes of customers that you care for the planet


If you decide to work with us and let us make your store shopping heaven, here is what you will get:

  •  Thirty minutes no-strings virtual inspection of your business place
  •  Research-based scientific physical assessment of the business
  •  Two easy flat fee design packages to choose from
  •  Exclusive breath-taking installations
  •  Worry-free plant maintenance service
  •  Custom art solutions that set your store apart from competitors


During the Covid Pandemic customers left grocery stores for online shopping and now they want to return… and interior landscaping can give your retail business a nature inspired incentive for success. A new wave of employees and customers at your business will make sure your food business succeeds.

Be the part of the family that believes in your cause. For the past 30 years, our beautiful elevated living plant displays  have helped our retail grocer customers earn multi-millions in additional revenue and you can too.

Free 30 Minute Virtual Consult

We value your time and make it fast and easy to connect with us to view your space, in order to determine your botanical needs with a free no-obligation consultation by zoom, facetime, skype or phone. Let’s connect!

On Site Consultation & ROE Audit

Following our initial virtual consult, we visit your store to see the store layout, determine your plant and art needs, study on site light levels, and decide on the best plants, containers, art and accessories for your store.

Plantscape Design

We provide 2 flat fee interior plant design store packages to choose from and both include our guaranteed Pro Plant Care Service:
Basic • Deluxe

Award-Winning Installation

We work with CEOs, architects, contractors, builders, real estate professionals, interior designers and health and lifestyle brands including installations at numerous west coast Whole Foods Markets, New Leaf Community Markets, Good Earth Natural & Organic Foods, Woodacre Country Market, Jamba Juice, Fairfax Community Wellness Center and Arti Organic Indian Cafe.  Yes!

Pro Plant Care™ Service includes:

  • We’re committed to keeping your plants in the best possible health under our pro care.
  • Watering & spritzing plant leaves as needed
  • Clean plant foliage

Non-Toxic Pest Control

We use 100% chemical free non-toxic pest control methods to treat infected plants including integrated pest management methods when approved by our client.

Weekly Cleaning Services

Plants in grocery stores live on the elevated freezers, display areas, shelves and end caps. These areas close to the HVAC blowers typically catch dust, dirt and grime from in the air, which often coats plant leaves and surrounding areas. Deeper Green offers weekly cleaning service for our Pro Plant Care Service customers to keep the plants and elevated surface areas clean. Win-win!

Plant Relocation

If you ever need your store plants removed for any reason, we’ve got you covered. We’re pro plant handlers and we will safely relocate store plants in a secure temperature controlled environment. Additional Fees apply.

Short Term Plant Storage

If needed, we’ll arrange for temporary storage for your existing plants. Once your new space is ready, Deeper Green re-install your plants. Additional Fees apply.

• Root Pruning • Re-potting • Organic Plant Nutrition

This triple whammy service provides root bound older plants with new amended organic soil, top quality plant nutrients and root pruning gives plants back the space they need to grow new roots, retain moisture and stay healthier.

Custom Art

Deeper Green creates fine art, wall art, murals, custom garden décor and garden art such as stylish pots, and planter boxes, mosaic art great for table and counter tops, borders and planters, custom painted tin wall backdrops, commercial art and textiles.  If you can dream it… we can create it!


Deeper Green creates fine art, wall art, murals, custom garden décor and garden art such as stylish pots, and planter boxes, mosaic art great for table and counter tops, borders and planters, custom painted tin wall backdrops, commercial art and textiles.  If you can dream it… we can create it!