Here’s what our clients are saying

Tanya N. Nassau Bahamas

“I cannot thank you enough for the work and effort that you put into the 25- 8” Art UnderPlants- they are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Walter Robb, Former Co-President Whole Foods Market

“Thank you for the wonderful contribution you are making to our stores and company. Truly, you are a talented individual and we are lucky to work with you.”

Marin Independent Journal

“Eco-designer Debra Amerson has created stunning and unique pots for indoor plants.”

Ellen M. Connecticut

“The planter arrived today and it is beautiful! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work!”

Organic Style Magazine

“Great Gear. Art & Soul. Constructed from plastic pots and scraps of lovely fabric and paper.”

Hannah Doress, Colleague

“Debra is a visionary green social entrepreneur who has been on the cutting edge of sustainability and leveraging the tools of business for the greater good — way ahead of the curve. She has been an inspiration as well as a trusted advisor and collaborator on events and festivals. She has a stellar eye and instincts, whether for plantscapes; visual art, branding and design; film-making or for scouting outstanding entertainers. Simply put, Debra is a highly experienced and talented leader you can trust, and an asset to any project. “

Thom Harrison, Alter ECO, inc.

“Debra & I collaborated on the design of a beautiful kitchen featuring bamboo cabinetry. We provided the cabinetry for a remodel integrating a variety of green materials selected by Debra, including her own artistry of tile & earthen plaster. It was wonderful to work with another design professional who makes sustainability a design priority.”

Rivergal, 3 Rivers Brewing, Colleague

“Debra, founder and creative heart of Deeper Green has been doing her amazing work for many years. Her level of experience itself, puts her in a league of her own — far ahead of the others who’ve come along to this business and environmental philosophy only recently. She can transform a personal or professional space to its full, vibrant, living potential. I have worked with Debra in the Washington, DC days of her long, and energetic career, and am proud to have seen the amazing end result of that hard work, and know that it still flourishes today. You would be lucky to have her create for you!”

David Kitts, Health Advocate

“Debra is professional, knows her plants and pro plant care and what works well in your store. She’s also a lot of fun, a pleasure to interact with and a fountain of all sorts of information and connections!”

Adam, Owner, Avalon RV

“I had an excellent experience working with Debra. We collaboratively designed, built & artfully decorated a 1967 Airstream Overlander trailer. It was in pretty rough shape, but their was a great vision of what it could become with a lot of work and planning. We gutted the trailer interior so we could start over on both the inside and outside. The exterior was polished to a mirror shine and then paint accents were added to showcase the trim & details. The interior received repairs, a few coats of new paint and then we got busy with the new floor plan. Debra wanted to bring the outside in and it was accomplished with an Aluminum Clad polished round top bathroom door. It has an Aluminum opaque port hole in the door. The upper cabinets have aluminum wrapped trim with Acrylic glass. Natural Birch cabinets were built with radius corners & faces. Marmoleum was carefully selected for the floor & the countertops. Lighting was custom made to tie in the details. Many stylish & unique details were selected throughout the Airstream providing an Artists touch and creating the Aha’s as you enter the trailer. The final touches were Debra’s own art. Nearly every knob was a different color and style but coming from a similar design. The colors & details vary and this brings out more of the art & beauty. Then the refrigerator received an artwork inset panel and the front upper cabinet had a custom Decoupage frame applied to the surface. It is made from countless photos and clippings from her travels. The window curtains were made from special material she selected while on another adventure. She brought many creative ideas to this project. We were encouraged to push our limits, increase our skills & adapt to fun new ideas. Debra has a great vision bringing many differing styles & details together to stylishly fit and look as one piece of art. I saw more of Debra’s work at her home & studio. She has great talent and an eye for the details. I highly recommend her skills & services.”

Charlotte, The Vow Keeper

“I was extremely impressed with Debra’s talents and skills as a designer. What she created for a Native American wedding was truly magnificent as she transformed a beautiful vintage barn into a five star venue with charm, warmth, and country character. Debra designed, created, and implemented all of the fabulous décor. It is a privilege to have encountered such a wonderfully talented, kind-hearted and generous individual. If you have the opportunity to hire Debra and Deeper Green for your store designer, you will be overjoyed with the end results and your customers will remember and treasure the memories that she created for your space. Debra is Five Stars all the way!!!!”

Kimberely H.

“A unique blend of fabric and color! Beautiful lava Pots looks as if they came from a volcano! Every lava pot is unique in shape, too! Definitely worth checking out for any interior design studio!”

Theresa T. Tamley Architectural Design

“Debra has an amazing talent in creating uniquely designed indoor spaces, using plants, mosaics and artwork. She has a great attention to detail and an ability to combine a variety of materials to create beauty in the unexpected.”

Jarrell S. Good Earth Natural Foods

“Not only are Deeper Green’s pots the most beautiful pieces of artwork I’ve seen in my life, these are the healthiest indoor plants that I’ve ever seen.”

Gail E. Collegue

“I have personally known Debra Amerson since 1987 and have always marveled at her creativity, knowledge, business sense, and savvy. Our first of many collaborations, was a business trip to Hana, Maui, to Helani Gardens, a 70 acre tropical nursery, growing rare and exotic species of plants. Debra’s mission was to study golden bamboo for its adaptability and potential growth indoors, under the tutelage of world renowned botanist, Howard Cooper.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work alongside this plant and designer genius a number of times, helping with interior plantscapes and art installations at numerous Whole Foods Markets in the Bay Area. If you’re looking for someone to design / decorate and deliver an outstanding and most likely a one of a kind masterpiece, then Debra is the person for you. Innovative, productive, progressive, and thoughtful throughout the entire process of each project, Debra will fulfill your dream design with professional attention to detail. And if you give her the reins with an idea of the direction you want to go, she will exceed your expectations exquisitely. Debra is destined to be a leader in her field, always learning and expanding her multifaceted talents in every way possible. While working with Debra, you will be delighted with her professionalism, while “tickled green” with her sense of humor. She is a Wonder Woman in her many fields of Deeper Green Living.”

Richard S, Contractor

“I found Debra to be very creative and super innovative in use of green materials. Her “out of the box” thinking produced timely, efficient, and cost effective solutions. Her good nature helped maintain a friendly and beneficial work environment. Her ability to work with my culturally diverse crew produced harmonious results.”

Cillajoy, Collegue

“Deeper Green, in a friendly and personable way, assessed my needs for my project (bringing my interior style outdoors for a unified look). They suggested changes – from color choice, fabric, furniture, and interior accessories – that were all doable either with what I already had or easily within my budget. What is unique to them is the level of artistry – creative touches in addition to plants, such as custom mosaics, faux painting, wood and metal work. They have extensive resources to fabulous materials (granite, glass, stone, etc.) that would take forever to access on your own. Their selection of appropriate plants took that question off my shoulders which I greatly appreciated. Deeper Green covered cost and timeline so I knew what to expect in advance. Great on-site presence, accessibility and follow through. I highly recommend their services for any interior project.”

Noel F. Owner, Arti Indian Organic Cafe

“When Arti Organic Cafe opened in Lagunitas, Debra Amerson stopped by for lunch and thanked me for an excellent meal, then shared her concern for my café’s survival, since several businesses in my location had come and gone in rural Lagunitas. Debra is a visual artist designer who runs Deeper Green. Debra wanted to ensure that a delicious organic Indian café would survive and she cared enough about my future business success to tell me the truth–that my café did not look-or feel “Arti” and quickly proposed a wonderful win-win solution. Debra explained that she had whole series of beautiful photo-montages in storage after a previous art exhibit closed called “Touched By India” inspired by her travels in India. To help us attract customers and create a one of a kind Indian atmosphere and to get exposure for her art, Debra offered to hang her art indefinitely and as pieces sold she’d make new pieces as replacements. I said ok, let’s do it. That afternoon, Debra arrived her art and some living plants in beautifully decorated pots. All I could say was wow! Inside, my wait staff, our cook, Debra and I hung the art on the walls. We were so surprised at the wonderful difference inside Arti Café because of Debra’s colorful artwork. And It worked. The San Geronimo Valley community and drive by visitors support us and love our food and the unique Arti atmosphere. highly recommend Debra Amerson’s business Deeper Green. Like our cook at Arti Café who blends Indian herbs and aromatic spices to create our signature dishes, Debra creatively blends her art and design gifts with green business knowledge to help businesses create unique environments that feel friendly, warm and alive. If you want to see her artwork, please do come and visit my”

Carol Misseldine, Management Consultant

“Debra Amerson brings the eye of an artist to her work. I was delighted with the native plants she wove together to create beautiful, natural and aromatic displays for my event. Debra is intuitive and responsive to the needs of her clients, and by insisting on organic and native plants whenever possible, she promotes the health of her clients and the planet. I highly recommend Debra.”

In Loving kindness, Living Compassion

“Your willingness to assist us in all the ways you did was a true gift. The plants you brought into the Herbst Pavilion in San Francisco and your artistic sense made the transformation of the space into a beautiful sanctuary possible. ? As you know, the event was an inspiring success and it would not have been possible without your contribution.”

Ellen Martino

“The planter arrived and it’s beautiful. Thanks again for sharing your art!”

Allan Ishac,

More businesses should be doing what Deeper Green is doing the way they are doing it. Tremendous service, value and integrity. What more could a customer ask for?”

Mary Lou D’Auray, Artist / Interior Designer ASID

“I have followed Debra’s work for many years now and can attest to her enthusiastic creativity, vision and drive. She gets things done!!!”

Scott Calhoun, Community Media Center of Marin

“Debra’s creativity, Leadership, team building and her project management was flawless.”

Steven Crocker, CDM Real Estate, Construction Development Management

“Debra is great. She keeps things on the creative side with beautiful looking stores. She’s my go-to plant /art person. I consider her knowledgeable, thorough, and entirely professional both as an artist and a company doing business.”

S .Kramer Herzog, Videographer

“Debra has a passion for both life, and her career. Her professionalism and knowledge is unmatched. It has been a pleasure to work with her. She is creative and a real people person, kind and considerate and she works well with the community and is sensitive to the needs of the people. I highly recommend her.”

Eddy Pereza, Good Earth Natural & Organic Foods

“Debra is a Plant Whisperer”

John Garn,

“I met Debra during her desire to have her company certified as a Marin County Green Business. Debra’s company exceeded the requirements of the program and was one of the first Certified Green Businesses in Marin County. Her knowledge of plants and their relationship to people in all settings was very comprehensive and impressive.”

Walter Robb, Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market

“Debra runs a value added business”

Claudia L, Owner, Learning Conversations

“Debra brought the most amazing plants into our multimedia lab…I’d never lived with large plants in a work environment. She taught us how to care for these green beings that brought so much pleasure (and oxygen) into our indoor work lives. She is a green shaman with a concern for creating healthy and revitalizing indoor environments.”

Don S. Professional Photographer

“I required a tropical jungle for a fashion photograph I was putting together and trusted Debra to make or break a production that I spent months orchestrating. The time allotted for the shoot was very limited and Debra not only coordinated the location but also erected a lush and believable set that resulted in a very successful photograph that is presently published internationally.”

Lauri S. West Marin Waste Information Coordinator

“Debra has a great sense of cooperation and is dedicated to improving the environment. She has been an active participant at the west Marin Green Festival and many other community events. Her enthusiasm for her green certified business is constant.”

Jo Ann S. Actress

“I was very impressed by the ingenuity of Debra’s work. She has developed a crucial, unique service fostering relationships between people and plants.”

Claude W. FutureU.Com

“Debra was my student when she was completing her Master of Arts in Business. She was a strong team leader able to both inspire and collaborate. Never afraid to express her views to her fellow learners, but always in a constructive, mutually supportive way.”

Dr. Lynn M.

“Debra is extremely professional. She’s very direct and clear about costs. I have learned about caring for plants and about dealing honestly and clearly with people.”

Dana L. Team Leader, Whole Foods Market

“We are all going bananas over the fabulous new plants… really do love the look and feel.”

Donna E. Soho & Co

“I am in awe. I tripped over your web site and fell in love. I wish I lived locally to avail myself of your work / services.”

Barney B. Building Manager

“Debra’s knowledge and flair of what plants will flourish in a particular space seems to be unlimited. Our building has a rather unusual atrium area. The space inside the entrance to the building is surrounded by glass at several angles. Items planted in this space are cooled or warmed by the buildings HVAC system but, at the same time, exposed to contrasting blasts of air as doors open along with the constant buildup of solar heat. Where others have failed, Debra, planted this area with items which are exceptionally attractive and able to survive this strange environment. Debra has proven to be totally reliable and most personable and warm.”

Dr. Larry B. Dupont Circle Chiropractic

“Thank you for my beautiful plants. You have the healing touch. They are green. They are healthy. They are happy. You are truly a master plantician.”

Harold M. Community For Creative Non- Violence, Washington DC

“People all over America through the news media were given a chance to see what a significant difference your plants made at our holiday party for over 2,000 people.”

Paul B. WJLA-TV News Washington DC

“Your knowledge and flair with plants made a wonderful difference in the health and appearance of my living family. I’m am absolutely sure that your knowledge and pleasant approach to your profession will serve you well in your business endeavors.”

Laura Thomas, Hot Stuff, San Francisco Chronicle

“Beauty & Functionality the twin virtues extolled by the followers of the Arts and Crafts movement couldn’t be better matched in a series of selfwatering pots decorated in decoupage by Debra Amerson.”

Sandy W.

Wow! What a magician you were transforming the stage at our event. I was amazed how a stark, blank space became lush, green, and beautiful in practically no time! Thank you so much for joining us, & helping us in creating the event.”

Marin Independent Journal

“Eco-designer Debra Amerson creates stunning and unique pots for indoor plants.”

Richard S. Contractor

“I found Debra to be very creative and super innovative in use of green materials. Her “out of the box” thinking produced timely, efficient, and cost effective solutions. Her good nature helped maintain a friendly and beneficial work environment. Her ability to work with my culturally diverse crew produced harmonious results.”

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