Upgrade your in-store
experience through artistic,
nature-inspired plantscapes


Plantscapes help create positive emotions

Plants and art add color, texture and warmth, making the environment feel more inviting and engaging. Replacing a bare corner with a vertical shaped plant and colorful wall art suddenly, brings a once dead area to life.


Plantscapes help improve air quality

Living plants work round-the clock 24/7 to clean toxic pollutants from the air, improve humidity levels and provide a pleasurable, breathable shopping environment.


Plantscapes lead to better sales

When customers shop at a store with premium quality living plants that are healthy and professionally nurtured— they feel less stress, more relaxed and as a result they linger longer shopping and spend more money. Yes!

Why Choose Us?

Healthy, beautiful and artistic interior plantscapes help natural foods markets and grocery stores increase profits through their positive effects on people within store environments. We’ve made a career out of positively transforming LOHAS and holistic businesses into memorable lush green indoor gardens. Your store could be brimming with color, fresh air and feel alive inside… positively improving your customer’s perceptions of your brand by providing a tranquil and relaxed shopping experience.

“Deeper Green keeps things on the creative side with beautiful looking stores.  Debra is great. She’s my go-to plant /art person. I consider her knowledgeable, thorough, and entirely professional both as an artist and a company doing business.” -Steven C.  CDMRE

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