Interior Plantscapes San Francisco, California

The time has come when Deeper Green Artistic Interiors are offering Interior Plantscapes San Francisco to business establishments. Deeper Green Artistic Interiors is bringing nature inside the grocery stores, natural foods retailers, and gourmet food markets in San Francisco. If you are the owner of the business, grocery store, retailer, or food market, this opportunity is perfect for you. We are a group of talented Interior Plantscapers and designers based in Marin County, California, who can rock your store’s world. Say Goodbye to the old days of disappearing customers, highly expensive staff turn over, customer dissatisfaction, and cry over the quality of products because a beautiful creative interior landscape has the power to change all that and much more.

Our Story:

Deeper Green Artistic Interiors is a woman artist owned  one-stop interior plantscape and custom art firm of sincere and talented people serving natural foods markets, grocery stores, and gourmet food shops 30+ years. Our state-of-art practices and unique designs bring the unlimited benefits of nature indoors to your business. Our eye for detail makes sure that your store presents itself as a green shopping haven with our top-notch interior landscape designs. We don’t just put plants indoors – we employ 40 years of expertise to select premium quality plants and them strategically place them into your architectural project to bring color, texture and interest to dull and lifeless spaces resulting in stress free shopping and a boost in retail activity.

What are interior plantscapes?

Interior plantscapes are a smart application of nature and life inside your business.

Why San Francisco?

One of our goals is to bring the Interior Plantscapes in San Francisco, California to the business establishments throughout. We are a revolution in the making. Being part of this revolution can make you- and your business a success story. ++

The Perks of Hiring Us:

If you are an entrepreneur, you know the importance of innovation, creativity, and staying ahead of others can do for you and your business. After our designs and plans are installed, our clients see higher customer stays, frequent visits, higher appreciation, and willingness to pay more. For

With our interior design, custom art, and landscapes, you will succeed and enjoy the following perks:

  •  Beautiful and nature-filled store
  •  Attract new and green-friendly customers
  •  Enthusiastic Staff willing to serve as nature
  •  Millions in additional sales and revenue
  •  Greenery provides great marketing stories
  •  Customer-oriented environments attract more sales
  •  Community gathering places are locally important
  •  Enhance Customer Loyalty
  •  Reduction in carbon footprint

What will you get if you hire us?

We offer free consultation, out-of-the-world installations, pro plant care maintenance service, and much more in San Francisco, California. We work side-by-side with our valued clients to bring their ideas to life. If you are ready, we will bring in everything that turns your store into a living paradise. Here is how we do it:

  •  A half an hour no obligation virtual inspection and consultation
  •  An in-person horticultural assessment of your store and recommendations
  •  Two easy detailed flat-fee package proposals to choose
  •  Award-winning installations
  •  Worry-free pro plant care maintenance program

We are proud of our long term client relationships and look forward to helping you.  Remember, we offer a free virtual consultation to make it easy for you and there is nothing to lose. Welcome to the Deeper Green family!

Note: We answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Free 30 Minute Virtual Consult

We value your time and make it fast and easy to connect with us to view your space, in order to determine your botanical needs with a free no-obligation consultation by zoom, facetime, skype or phone. Let’s connect!

On Site Consultation & ROE Audit

Following our initial virtual consult, we visit your store to see the store layout, determine your plant and art needs, study on site light levels, and decide on the best plants, containers, art and accessories for your store.

Plantscape Design

We provide 2 flat fee interior plant design store packages to choose from and both include our guaranteed Pro Plant Care Service:
Basic • Deluxe

Award-Winning Installation

We work with CEOs, architects, contractors, builders, real estate professionals, interior designers and health and lifestyle brands including installations at numerous west coast Whole Foods Markets, New Leaf Community Markets, Good Earth Natural & Organic Foods, Woodacre Country Market, Jamba Juice, Fairfax Community Wellness Center and Arti Organic Indian Cafe.  Yes!

Pro Plant Care™ Service includes:

  • We’re committed to keeping your plants in the best possible health under our pro care.
  • Watering & spritzing plant leaves as needed
  • Clean plant foliage

Non-Toxic Pest Control

We use 100% chemical free non-toxic pest control methods to treat infected plants including integrated pest management methods when approved by our client.

Weekly Cleaning Services

Plants in grocery stores live on the elevated freezers, display areas, shelves and end caps. These areas close to the HVAC blowers typically catch dust, dirt and grime from in the air, which often coats plant leaves and surrounding areas. Deeper Green offers weekly cleaning service for our Pro Plant Care Service customers to keep the plants and elevated surface areas clean. Win-win!

Plant Relocation

If you ever need your store plants removed for any reason, we’ve got you covered. We’re pro plant handlers and we will safely relocate store plants in a secure temperature controlled environment. Additional Fees apply.

Short Term Plant Storage

If needed, we’ll arrange for temporary storage for your existing plants. Once your new space is ready, Deeper Green re-install your plants. Additional Fees apply.

• Root Pruning • Re-potting • Organic Plant Nutrition

This triple whammy service provides root bound older plants with new amended organic soil, top quality plant nutrients and root pruning gives plants back the space they need to grow new roots, retain moisture and stay healthier.

Custom Art

Deeper Green creates fine art, wall art, murals, custom garden décor and garden art such as stylish pots, and planter boxes, mosaic art great for table and counter tops, borders and planters, custom painted tin wall backdrops, commercial art and textiles.  If you can dream it… we can create it!


Deeper Green creates fine art, wall art, murals, custom garden décor and garden art such as stylish pots, and planter boxes, mosaic art great for table and counter tops, borders and planters, custom painted tin wall backdrops, commercial art and textiles.  If you can dream it… we can create it!