Pro Plant Care™ Service includes:

  • We’re committed to keeping your plants in the best possible health under our pro care.
  • Watering & spritzing plant leaves as needed
  • Clean plant foliage
  • Rotate plants as needed
  • Keep the decorative soil surface materials looking good
  • Basic pruning to maintain the most natural organic look possible when specific plant shapes are desired & plant shaping.
  • Plant disease diagnosis
  • Use 100% non-toxic chemical free pest treatments
  • Removal and replacement of unattractive plants
  • Free 3 year Plant Replenishment Warranty
  • Trouble shoot No Drought™ Interior Plant Hydration Systems
  • Replace No Drought™ system parts as needed
  • Feed organic plant food yearly
  • Consistent client communications in person, phone, mail, Skype and via email.

Our on-going care service helps maintain the beauty, health and well being of your living plants. We’re Horticultural Artisans, we’ll nurture your plants for you! All new stores who elect our Pro Plant Care Service contract will enjoy a 3 year plant replacement warranty covering any new plants and labor needed to change out ailing plants.

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