We work with CEOs, architects, contractors, builders, real estate professionals, interior designers and health and lifestyle brands including installations at yoga studios, holistic health facilities, health minded businesses, multiple west coast Whole Foods Markets, New Leaf Community Markets, Good Earth Natural & Organic Foods, Woodacre Country Market, Jamba Juice and smaller food and health brands…

Depending on the scope of the project, our installation teams begin prepping your project days in advance, pulling together the equipment needed to perform our award-winning installations.  Behind the scenes at our facility, we begin prepping for your installation by loading drop cloths for floor protection, broom and dust pan, ladders, moss, extra parts for irrigation systems, proof of liability insurance, plants, pots, portable water machines, saws, hammers, drills, screws, tarps, push carts, hand trucks, soil, blower, design specs, plywood, loaded pallets of our custom pots, planters and decorative containers.

Upon arrival our team connects with our store contact to confirm an on site work location.   Deeper Green Interiors is well versed in working on construction sites in multi-lingual communications with contractors and team members while we install plants in your store.

We are fastidious in quality control and because we work by the project, we ensure that our plant installation is completed properly and professionally.

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