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9 Benefits of No DroughtTM Indoor Plant Hydration Systems 

1.  Eliminates Water Waste

California and the entire west coast of America is in a multi-year drought!  Water restrictions are mandatory.  Manual watering can cause water waste via evaporation. These solid walled automatic watering systems have a sealed fill hole that works by capillary action forcing the system to water the plant from the bottom up just like in nature, where water is received by the roots.

2.  Allows Nutrients to Remain Intact in the Soil

Traditional plant containers have a hole at their base to drain out any excess water. This may remove the risk of overwatering, but it also leaches out nutrients from the soil needed for vibrant plant growth.  Because No DroughtTM Indoor plant hydration systems are solid body closed systems, they keep the water and soil nutrients intact, proving beneficial for plant growth.

3. Saves Time

The best benefit, hands down, is that having an indoor plant hydration system saves our Pro Plant Care team time, as we do not need to water the plants manually every week so we can better utilize the early morning maintenance service for the essentials like trimming, dusting, rotating and cleaning the areas around the plants.  Pro Plant maintenance is an art and science. From trimming, dusting to rotating, fertilizing, and watering, it can be highly time-consuming. Furthermore, the regular effort required in maintaining plants is enormous and joyful for our team and worth every minute.

4.  Prevents Plants from Being Affected by Diseases caused by water on the leaves

When plants are watered, you must have noticed that the water touches the leaves and stems before reaching the roots. Unfortunately, this can prove highly hazardous for your indoor plants and can cause stress and diseases such as Powdery Mildew, invite unwanted plant pests and often causes affected plants to decay.

5.  In case of an earthquake- No Drought™ when full of water keeps plants anchored upright

6.   Plants look, feel and perform better when properly hydrated

Your customers appreciate beautiful looking stores that integrate nature indoors. With the current drought in California, on the heels of the pandemic and fire season, many people are stressed; therefore, enjoy grocery shopping in an a  store full of greenery.

7.   Reduces the Hassle of Manual Gardening

No DroughtTM Indoor plant hydration system keeps plants evenly moist as needed over an extended period keeping plants healthier and your  indoor garden looking beautiful.


  1. Optimal Watering for Maximizing Plant Growth

One of the main benefits of an automatic watering system is that it can maximize plant growth. No Drought™ ensures that the plant receives the water as needed. It is also great for moisture loving species which require consistent moisture.  No DroughtTM Indoor plant hydration system water the soil and does not contact the stem or leaves-a great way to prevent plant diseases indoors around food!

9.          Perfect for Exotic Plants

Many exotic species of plants look really beautiful in however, these gorgeous species also have specific demands.  For example, an exotic species used in a favorable environment may require the soil to be kept consistently moist to survive in a certain location. No DroughtTMcan ensure that exotic plant species receive moisture and special care of our Pro Plant Care Team.


Here you have it! Now that you know all about the advantages of the No DroughtTM Indoor Plant Hydration Systems, call now to schedule a free virtual consultation.

We can transform your grocery store with a beautiful interior plantscape and custom art sure to thrill your health-conscious customers.



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