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“Beauty and functionality, the twin virtues extolled by the arts and crafts movement, couldn’t be better matched in a series of self-watering pots decorated in decoupage pots by Debra Amerson.”  -Laura Thomas, Hot Stuff Author, San Francisco Chronicle

Art UnderPlants™ turns indoor plants into chic design accessories with an innovative marriage of utility and aesthetics. Colorful graphic art cloths a powerful, built-in automatic watering system that consistently waters the plants between our Pro Plant Care Service visits.

Functionality comes from its sensitive watering system, which monitors the soil’s moisture levels and waters the plants accordingly; the risks of both over-watering and under-watering are thus reduced. The system provides more time for associated tasks of Pro Plant Care service.

Materials Used:

  • original photos
  • custom painting
  • digital artwork
  • recycled treasures & tidbits
  • natural materials
  • designer fabrics
  • woven trims
  • shimmering ribbons
  • foreign coins & paper money
  • hand-strung beaded jewelry
  • antique and copyright free graphics
  • luminous handmade and recycled paper


  • Brings designer style indoors
  • Adds colorful art and greenery to stores
  • Fresh air inside commercial spaces
  • Keeps plants hydrated as needed between Pro Plant Care visits
  • The leak-proof construction eliminates the need for dirty plastic trays under pots that can cause property damage

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