Everyone would agree that wellness is important, and the impact of interior landscaping is so significant toward that end that research is conducted continually to measure the effects of biophilic design elements. Studies show that contact with interior plantscapes has the ability to help the body reset its physiological responses to stress, and this has tremendous implications for the worlds of business, economics, academics and even medical science.

It has been found that the presence of nature in a home or office building, even if only in a limited scope, can lower blood pressure when it is in sight and even when it is not directly in sight. Empirical data confirms that there is a reduction in the stress hormones and heart rate of people exposed to living plants when indoors, and research has shown a greater level of cognitive function and alertness for those in close proximity to organic life.  Psychological responses and creativity increase, and people report a heightened sense of relaxation, calm and happiness. Interest in biophilic design has inspired several books to be written on the subject, hospitals to be built in such a way as to give patients access to sunlight and sweeping panoramic views, and businesses to incorporate the inclusion of soothing greenery in their interior spaces. Deeper Green is on the cutting edge of the movement to bring interior plants to the spaces where we spend the most time, creating nature-inspired interiors for your natural foods stores that give you a taste of heaven on earth.  For more info, visit www.deepergreeninteriors.com