You probably put a lot of time into displays and other elements to make your natural food store look its best and encourage shoppers to stay and buy. But have you considered the unused space within your store: the tops of shelves and other open space?

If you have, it may have crossed your mind that this open space is creating a waste of resources and unwelcoming dead space. At Deeper Green Artistic Interiors, we offer unique ways to utilize this space and improve your store. Our creative interior plantscapes in Marin County, CA can provide your local natural food store with many benefits.

What Are Interior Plantscapes?

Similar to how landscaping improves the look and natural characteristics of a building’s exterior, interior plantscapes can improve the interior spaces within natural food and grocery stores.

Combining plants with custom pots and containers creates artistic designs that enhance the look, feel and air quality of the space. These plantscapes are professionally maintained and nurtured so they contribute to a clean natural space that provides a lot of value.

Benefits of Interior Plantscapes

Interior plants in Marin added to your natural food store’s interior create benefits for your staff, your customers and your store’s business success.

A Return on Environment

Return on Environment (ROE) considers the financial value of open spaces. While the term can refer to maintaining preserved land, we can also use it in the business world to refer to unused space within a building. Adding interior plantscapes to these spaces can provide immense financial value. A relaxing natural environment creates improved staff productivity and increased profits from the customer’s desire to stay and shop longer.

A Positive Setting

Adding living plants to an indoor setting creates a warm, inviting and alive environment in a space that could otherwise feel cold and harsh. It can help people feel more comfortable and at home by creating a space that feels more natural rather than human-made. This positive setting helps staff members have better morale and customers feel comfortable. Even our pots and containers feature nature-inspired fibers, textures and designs to add to the natural vibe of interior plants.


In addition to providing a natural touch, our plantscapes offer color, texture and artistic expression that beautify the space. We enhance previously unused spaces such as empty corners, shelf tops, eating/seating areas and ceiling spaces. This turns an open, dead area to one that’s full of life and captures the eye. It provides a unique way to take care of hard edges and dull spaces, as well as to add a focal point to a certain area of the store. To best enhance the appearance of the space, we combine thoughtfully designed assortments of high-quality plants with artisanal containers and wall artwork. We consider how the colors, textures and arrangements will best complement the current store merchandise and displays.

Matching Values

Natural interior plants fit the values of your health food store and its customers and staff members. They contribute to a healthier, more natural environment that fits your ideal customer’s values and goals. Our design firm also fits these values as we have a certified green business that uses 100 percent non-toxic methods in our work. We help you keep a beautiful, clean interior environment by professionally maintaining the plantscapes.

Purified Air

Of course, another benefit of living plants is that they clean the air of an indoor space. This benefit offers immense value as it creates a healthier space for your employees and customers. The plants purify the air while customers are shopping, as well as when the store is closed. Indoor plants remove toxic pollutants while creating a better breathing experience and improved humidity levels.

Biophilic Design

We can help your natural food store use biophilic design, which may be something you’ve been interested in trying or a concept you’re already following. This type of design uses living plants to help create green buildings. The idea is to design a space where people feel a real connection with nature.

Photo:Donald Stasenka

Interior Plantscapes in Marin County

At Deeper Green, we are experts at helping natural food stores gain a return on environment through award-winning plantscapes in Marin County, CA. We have 30 years of experience in incorporating plantscapes into complex food store environments and keeping them healthy, beautiful and well maintained. By adding artistically designed plants to interior spaces, we ensure that you gain a return on environment that exceeds your investment. You can expect all the benefits mentioned above, including a more positive environment that encourages employees to work better and customers to shop more. For more information visit