From fruit flies to houseflies, flying insects are instinctively off-putting. But they’re also a natural part of warehousing and displaying fresh farm grown produce. It can be difficult to control flying insects naturally and harmful pesticides are not options in stores — however, Carnivorous plants can be an excellent way to not only improve the health and cleanliness of your store, but also the aesthetics.

Harnessing the Power of Living Plants

Meat-hungry, carnivorous plants can help attract and catch flies — without the use of potentially harmful pesticides. As an additional bonus, they’re attractive, and look very intriguing. Carnivorous plants have evolved over millions of years to be able to successfully draw in and trap flying insects. They are an interesting method of pest extermination, while also elevating your store’s style and its brand.

Unlike a pest control service, Carnivorous plants continually work 24/7 in your store attracting insects so they are unable to multiply to a noticeable level. When pests are present in your store, they will be distracted and drawn to the Carnivorous plants rather than hovering around our guests. And once they are captured by the plant, they become nothing more than an easy source of nutrition.

The Beauty and Utility of the Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plants are able to work 24/7 to capture all types of flying insects. They can capture up to 20 insects at a time. In addition to flying insects, they will also capture other bugs — such as ants. Kept in large, elaborate displays, they aren’t just a healthy way to keep produce stores clean; they’re an attraction unto themselves. Many adore the vibrant-colored appearance of Pitcher plants, even if they don’t know how hard the plants are working.

Utilizing Pitcher plants for pest control sends the message to your customers that you’re committed to organic values, the environment and their health. It’s not only a unique, elegant method of pest control but also a way to further incorporate nature into the everyday grocery shopping experience.

Caring for Your Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants practically feed themselves! Our installations are designed to keep our plants thriving and meanwhile, your customers can enjoy their exotic and tropical appearance.

The in-person Grocery shopping is changing after the pandemic.  Customers are demanding cleaner, better, fresher stores— and they’re also craving a connection to nature. Customers who shop for whole, organic, and ethically sourced foods want an experience that is more akin to a farm or farmer’s market than a grocery store. Through the installation of healthy tropical plant displays including carnivorous plants, natural foods stores can satisfy customers needs for clean, safe, relaxed shopping experience.

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